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* [Packaging] Fix gtk3 glade path in MANIFESTCalum Lind2021-11-23
* [Packaging] Move user out of systemd files and add to tarballCalum Lind2019-06-08
* [packaging] sdist use xztar and exclude .mo filesCalum Lind2019-05-24
* Fix sdist missing test filesCalum Lind2018-10-16
* Cleanup and use markdown for source text filesCalum Lind2018-10-16
* [Packaging] Simplify release script using sdistCalum Lind2017-06-27
* Update MANIFEST for wanted/unwanted filesCalum Lind2017-06-27
* [Packaging] Ensure sdist tarball contains correct filesdeluge-2.0b1deluge-2.0.0b1Calum Lind2017-06-25
* Revert "Rename to to fix buildd error"Calum Lind2016-11-26
* Rename to to fix buildd errorCalum Lind2016-11-26
* [Packaging] Include WebUI debug files for dev versionsCalum Lind2015-09-04
* Update MANIFEST and .gitattributesCalum Lind2015-08-27
* Exclude binary translation files in sdistCalum Lind2015-08-22
* Remove unneeded ez_setup and 'isort' importsCalum Lind2014-09-04
* Update MANIFEST for webui file movementCalum Lind2014-03-03
* Add get_version script to automate release versions (PEP386 naming)deluge-2.0.0.dev0Calum Lind2013-05-01
* exclude some more things from the sdistDamien Churchill2009-11-25
* add the updated setup and new MANIFEST file from 1.2Damien Churchill2009-11-25