BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.3-prefs-protoNew preferences prototypeAndrew Resch13 years
2.0.xRelease 2.0.5Calum Lind10 months
developUpdate changelog from 2.1.1 releaseCalum Lind3 months
extjs4-portweb: minor IE compatibility changeDamien Churchill11 years
masterMerge branch 'release-2.1.1'Calum Lind3 months
deluge-2.1.2.dev0deluge-2.1.2.dev0.tar.gz  deluge-2.1.2.dev0.tar.bz2  Calum Lind3 months
deluge-2.1.1deluge-2.1.1.tar.gz  deluge-2.1.1.tar.bz2  Calum Lind3 months
deluge-2.1.1.dev0deluge-2.1.1.dev0.tar.gz  deluge-2.1.1.dev0.tar.bz2  Calum Lind3 months
deluge-2.1.0deluge-2.1.0.tar.gz  deluge-2.1.0.tar.bz2  Calum Lind3 months
deluge-2.1.0.dev0deluge-2.1.0.dev0.tar.gz  deluge-2.1.0.dev0.tar.bz2  DjLegolas9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2008-12-01Fix issue in where it would try to compile mapped_storage.cpp deluge-1.0.6Andrew Resch
2008-12-01Tag 1.0.6 releaseAndrew Resch
2008-12-01Do not build memdebug.cppAndrew Resch
2008-12-01lt sync 3006Andrew Resch
2008-12-01Prep for releaseAndrew Resch
2008-11-30Log socket or xmlrpc errors that cause the ui to disconnect from the Andrew Resch
2008-11-30lang syncMarcos Pinto
2008-11-30Add license info for blocklist iconsAndrew Resch
2008-11-30Fix typoAndrew Resch
2008-11-30Fix up some licence stuffAndrew Resch