path: root/win32/deluge-win32-installer.nsi
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* [#2777] Update MSVC SP1 check to latest release CLIDCalum Lind2015-11-15
* [Packaging] Updates to the NSIS Installer scriptCalum Lind2015-09-18
* [#2325] [Packaging] Fix uninstaller deleting non-deluge filesCalum Lind2015-09-10
* [Packaging] bbfreeze updatesCalum Lind2015-09-10
* [win32] Update packaging scriptsCalum Lind2015-08-24
* Fix #2381 : Allow silent uninstall for Windows packageCalum Lind2013-11-19
* Update bbfreeze and nsis scripts for win32 packagingCalum Lind2012-11-22
* Update version numberdeluge-1.3.5Andrew Resch2012-04-09
* Change some of the win32 build/installer scripts to support bundling GTKAndrew Resch2012-03-04
* Bump version to 1.3.4Andrew Resch2012-03-03
* Update versionAndrew Resch2011-07-22
* Update version numbersdeluge-1.3.2Andrew Resch2011-05-24
* Update versions and changelogAndrew Resch2010-10-31
* Update versionsAndrew Resch2010-09-18
* Update win32 build filesAndrew Resch2010-09-14
* Update windows filesAndrew Resch2010-08-20
* Update windows build filesAndrew Resch2010-05-05
* Add win32 files from 1.2-stable to keep in syncAndrew Resch2010-03-26