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* Upgrade codebase with pyupgrade (>=py3.6)DjLegolas2021-12-29
* Remove all Python 2 supportdeluge-2.1.0.dev0DjLegolas2021-12-28
* [Lint] Use Black to auto-format codeCalum Lind2018-10-03
* Fix files to pass new Flake8 checkersCalum Lind2018-06-01
* [WebUI] Set debug to false for gettext scriptCalum Lind2017-06-08
* [#2837] [WebUI] Create gettext.js when buildingCalum Lind2017-03-22
* Minor gettext script improvementsCalum Lind2017-03-21
* [UI] Refactor appdata.xml code and markup translatable textCalum Lind2017-02-23
* [Py2to3] Force unicode_literals and fix related issuesCalum Lind2017-02-22
* [Lint] Fix files to pass Flake8 v3.2.0Calum Lind2016-11-17
* [Lint] Quote cleanupCalum Lind2016-11-17
* [Lint] Convert all python double quotes to single quotesCalum Lind2016-11-03
* [Lint] Fix pylint warningsbendikro2016-11-03
* Revert "[Py2to3] Clean-up the use of keys() on dictionary objects."Calum Lind2016-10-26
* [Py2to3] Clean-up the use of keys() on dictionary objects.Andrew Resch2016-10-26
* [WebUI] Update gettext script to find any missed marked-up textCalum Lind2016-05-14
* [Lint] Fix redefining filename in scriptCalum Lind2016-05-09
* [WebUI] Fix to gen_web_gettextbendikro2016-04-25
* [WebUI] Reword doctring and update gettext.jsCalum Lind2016-04-23
* [Lint] Cleanup helper scripts to pass PyLintCalum Lind2015-10-30
* Updates to helper scriptsCalum Lind2015-08-25
* [WebUI] Improve the gen_web_gettext scriptCalum Lind2015-08-22
* Minor updates to the translation scriptsCalum Lind2015-08-20
* Update headers and isort importsCalum Lind2014-09-23
* Fix building the code documentation with sphinxCalum Lind2014-02-20