path: root/deluge/ui/gtk3/glade/preferences_dialog.ui
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* [GTK] Remove unneeded glade icon activatable False propertyCalum Lind2022-03-02
* [Common] Add is_interface to validate network interfacestbkizle2022-01-30
* [GTK] Make combobox_window expand to widthPatrick Byrne2022-01-03
* [GTK] Use GtkSpinner when testing open portDjLegolas2022-01-03
* [GTKUI] Added detection of torrent URL on GTK UI focusMatias Wilkman2021-10-03
* [UI] Remove num_blocks_cache_hits usage for statsCalum Lind2021-10-03
* [Lint] Fix spelling mistakesCalum Lind2021-09-21
* [GTK] Add more width to outgoing ports spinbuttons in network preferencesbendikro2020-04-23
* [GTK] Fix typo in preferences language labelPere Orga2019-10-31
* [GTK3] Cleanup widget placement and spacingCalum Lind2018-11-02
* [GTK3] Replace stock icon and text usageCalum Lind2018-11-02
* [GTK3] Fix GError required attr id for GtkTreeSelectionCalum Lind2018-11-02
* [GTK3] Fix the transient parent for PathChooserCalum Lind2018-11-02
* [GTK3] Fix Glade ui margins and spacinghugosenari2018-11-02
* [GTK3] Cleanup Glade UI deprecated widgets and propertieshugosenari2018-11-02
* [GTK3] Change module structure from ui/gtkui to ui/gtk3Calum Lind2018-11-02