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* Upgrade codebase with pyupgrade (>=py3.6)DjLegolas2021-12-29
* Remove all Python 2 supportdeluge-2.1.0.dev0DjLegolas2021-12-28
* [Lint] Fix spelling mistakesCalum Lind2021-09-21
* [Docs] Updates and fixes to build on Python 3Calum Lind2019-05-21
* Modify the transfer protocol in a couple ways.Andrew Resch2018-11-12
* [Dependency] Remove bundled rencodeCalum Lind2018-11-02
* [Lint] Use Black to auto-format codeCalum Lind2018-10-03
* [Py2to3] Fix log.warn deprecation warningCalum Lind2018-09-14
* [Py3] Fix tranfer header first byte checkCalum Lind2018-06-27
* [Core] Markup byte-strings to fix httpdownloader and core testsCalum Lind2017-02-22
* [Py2to3] Force unicode_literals and fix related issuesCalum Lind2017-02-22
* [Lint] Refactor flake8 noqa's and add msg numbersCalum Lind2016-11-04
* [Lint] Convert all python double quotes to single quotesCalum Lind2016-11-03
* [Core] Add ClientDisconnectedEventbendikro2015-12-04
* [Lint] Code cleanup for PyLint run by prospector toolCalum Lind2015-10-30
* [Lint] Cleanup code to pass PyLint Warning categoryCalum Lind2015-10-30
* Flake8 pass of entire codebaseCalum Lind2014-09-19
* Flake8 core and common filesCalum Lind2014-09-03
* Sort/prettify imports with isortCalum Lind2014-09-03
* [Python-Modernize] lib2to3.fixes.fix_exceptCalum Lind2014-09-03
* Fix #2338 : Spelling mistake with occurredCalum Lind2013-06-09
* Fix and update testsCalum Lind2013-05-01
* Add decode_utf8 argument to rencode.loads, which decodes all strings from utf8.Chase Sterling2012-11-26
* Added a protocol for the network traffic between client and daemon.bendikro2012-07-02