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* `configmanager` needs to be imported at a latter stage at least for the gtk f...Pedro Algarvio2010-12-06
* Swhiched the old style logging, ie, a single logger for all logging output to...Pedro Algarvio2010-12-06
* Add OpenSSL exception to all GPL headersAndrew Resch2009-05-18
* Added filemode support to setupLogger.John Garland2009-05-17
* Default to ERROR logging level if the supplied logging level is invalidAndrew Resch2009-01-18
* Fix the -l, --logfile optionAndrew Resch2009-01-16
* Fix #531 set default log level to ERROR and add 2 command-line options, Andrew Resch2008-11-28
* Remove OpenSSL exception from license headersAndrew Resch2008-11-23
* Remove trailing whitspace from *.pyAndrew Resch2008-11-17
* change copyright notices to gpl3Marcos Pinto2008-08-08
* Include timestamps in log messagesAndrew Resch2008-06-17
* Preferences dialog now sets core configuration options.Andrew Resch2007-09-14
* Add file.Andrew Resch2007-08-28