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* [Lint] Update linter version and fix issuesCalum Lind2022-02-13
* Upgrade codebase with pyupgrade (>=py3.6)DjLegolas2021-12-29
* Remove all Python 2 supportdeluge-2.1.0.dev0DjLegolas2021-12-28
* [Lint] Fix spelling mistakesCalum Lind2021-09-21
* [Lint] Fix Black and Flake8 issuesCalum Lind2019-11-13
* Fix privilege dropping when setting process ownershipJack O'Sullivan2019-10-31
* [Common] Fix creation of pidfile via command optionDjLegolas2019-06-25
* [Core] Refactor the base argparser and translation code.Calum Lind2019-05-11