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* Release 2.0.5deluge- Lind2021-12-15
* Update ChangelogCalum Lind2021-12-15
* back to developmentCalum Lind2021-12-12
* Release 2.0.4deluge-2.0.4Calum Lind2021-12-12
* Update changelogCalum Lind2021-12-12
* [WebUI] Handle torrent add failuresDjLegolas2019-06-21
* [Docs] Add service how-tosCalum Lind2019-06-18
* [Docs] Add spellchecking with pyenchantCalum Lind2019-06-15
* Release 2.0.3deluge-2.0.3Calum Lind2019-06-12
* [GTK] Only import wnck on X11 displayCalum Lind2019-06-12
* [GTK] Fix peers tab flag tooltip errorCalum Lind2019-06-12
* [Extractor] Fix startup errorCalum Lind2019-06-12
* [Web] Fix unable to change passwordCalum Lind2019-06-11
* [Web] Change request.base path encoding to utf-8Calum Lind2019-06-11
* [Web] Fix TypeError with reverse proxy x-deluge-base headerCalum Lind2019-06-11
* [Docs] Remove incomplete Windows install instructionsCalum Lind2019-06-11
* [Web] Fix peers tab failing to set flag locationthelamer2019-06-11
* Make a 2.0.2 releasedeluge-2.0.2Calum Lind2019-06-08
* [Packaging] Move user out of systemd files and add to tarballCalum Lind2019-06-08
* [Core] Fix SimpleNamespace on Python2Calum Lind2019-06-08
* Update Changelog for 2.0.1deluge-2.0.1Calum Lind2019-06-07
* Back to devCalum Lind2019-06-06
* Updates for 2.0.0 releasedeluge-2.0.0Calum Lind2019-06-06
* [Docs] Cleanup changelog and docsCalum Lind2019-06-06
* Cleanup and use markdown for source text filesCalum Lind2018-10-16