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* Merge branch 'release-2.1.1'deluge-2.1.1masterCalum Lind2022-07-10
| * Release 2.1.1Calum Lind2022-07-10
| * [Docs] Update changelog and install detailsCalum Lind2022-07-08
| * Fix parsing magnet with tracker tiersCalum Lind2022-07-08
| * Fix missing trackers adding magnetsCalum Lind2022-07-05
| * [CI] Bump ifaddr to 0.2.0Calum Lind2022-06-30
| * [CI] Fix failing Windows Python 3.10 testsCalum Lind2022-06-29
| * back to developmentdeluge-2.1.1.dev0Calum Lind2022-06-28
| * Release 2.1.0Calum Lind2022-06-28
* | Release 2.1.0deluge-2.1.0Calum Lind2022-06-28
* [Docs] Fix ReadTheDocs theme rendering issueCalum Lind2022-06-28
* [Core] Fix typo in AUTH_LEVEL_MAPPINGN91992022-06-19
* Update Changelog entriesCalum Lind2022-06-19
* [CD] Cleanup pip cache in Win buildsCalum Lind2022-06-13
* [Packaging] Pinned Pyinstaller to v4.10 and readme updateMartin Hertz2022-06-13
* [Packaging] Bump Win dependenciesCalum Lind2022-06-12
* [Web] Accept charset in content-type for json messagesibizaman2022-06-12
* [WebUI] Fixed 'Complete Seen' and 'Completed' sortingMartin Hertz2022-05-17
* [Notifications] Fix UnicodeEncodeError upon non-ascii torrent nameMartin Hertz2022-05-17
* [Core] Refactor prefetch_metadata for more clarityChase Sterling2022-05-17
* [Console] Fix curses.init_pair raise ValueError on Py3.10Calum Lind2022-05-01
* [Core] Cleanup temp files in add_torrent_urlCalum Lind2022-05-01
* [TrackerIcons] Cleanup tmp files created by downloading pageCalum Lind2022-05-01
* [TrackerIcon] Use httpdownloader page redirect handlingCalum Lind2022-05-01
* [Tests] Remove winreg interface name checkCalum Lind2022-05-01
* [AutoAdd] Verify torrent decode and errors cleanly if invaliddeaddrop92022-05-01
* [lint] update black packageDjLegolas2022-05-01
* [CI] Use setup-python action pip cacheCalum Lind2022-03-02
* [Core] Fixed KeyError in sessionproxy after torrent deleteDjLegolas2022-03-02
* [CI] Use libtorrent pypi installDjLegolas2022-03-02
* [CI] Changed tested python version to 3.7 and 3.10DjLegolas2022-03-02
* [Tests] Remove reference to Twisted TrialCalum Lind2022-03-02
* [Tests] Skip SNI icon testCalum Lind2022-03-02
* [Console] Swap j and k key's behavior to fit vim modemarik2022-03-02
* [GTK] Remove unneeded glade icon activatable False propertyCalum Lind2022-03-02
* [GTK] Refactor Connection Manager Add Host dialogCalum Lind2022-03-02
* [GTK] Fix obscured port number in Connection Manager Add HostCalum Lind2022-03-02
* [Packaging] Add systemd user servicesHugo Osvaldo Barrera2022-03-02
* [Hostlist] Support IPv6 in host liststbkizle2022-02-18
* [Console] Fix torrent details status errorCalum Lind2022-02-17
* [Core] Fix Twisted fromCoroutine AttrErrorCalum Lind2022-02-16
* [Docs] Add permanent discord invite linkCalum Lind2022-02-15
* Automatically refresh and expire the torrent status cache.Chase Sterling2022-02-15
* [Docs] Remove custom mock to fix autodoc typing errorsCalum Lind2022-02-15
* [WebUI] Move HTML entity encoding to clientCalum Lind2022-02-14
* [WebUI] Fix encoding HTML entities for torrent attributesCalum Lind2022-02-14
* [GTK] Increase connection mgr default heightCalum Lind2022-02-13
* [GTK] Fix ui logic/bug of checked move_completedHenry Kwan2022-02-13
* [Lint] Update linter version and fix issuesCalum Lind2022-02-13
* [Core] Stopped using libtorrent deprecated functionsDjLegolas2022-02-13