Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Update versiondeluge-1.3.0_rc2Andrew Resch2010-08-20
* Update windows filesAndrew Resch2010-08-20
* Update ChangeLogAndrew Resch2010-08-20
* Fix `man deluged` not showing '-u' on its own lineJohn Garland2010-08-20
* Fix #1341 issue where Config would try to cancel the save_timer when it is None.Andrew Resch2010-08-18
* Add cache expiry check by key update times to fix issue where some status upd...Andrew Resch2010-08-18
* Add additional test for get_torrents_status and fix the other one to properly...Andrew Resch2010-08-18
* Add test to demonstrate flaw in SessionProxy design. Need to keep track of u...Andrew Resch2010-08-18
* fix the script resource on windowsDamien Churchill2010-08-14
* add the apple iOS bookmark icons from #1339Damien Churchill2010-08-14
* Merge branch '1.3-stable' of into 1.3-stableDamien Churchill2010-08-14
| * Add test suite for SessionProxyAndrew Resch2010-08-10
| * Fix getting a torrent's status with an empty key list to return all theAndrew Resch2010-08-06
* | fix the system.listMethods json call when running in classic modeDamien Churchill2010-08-14
* use the script to get libtorrent if it is missingDamien Churchill2010-07-22
* add libtorrent fetch scriptDamien Churchill2010-07-22
* remove the libtorrent submoduleDamien Churchill2010-07-22
* a couple of fixes to stop the webui crashing when running within the gtkuiDamien Churchill2010-07-18
* Only use an icon if it passes some sanity checksJohn Garland2010-07-17
* Use a blank icon when the tracker icon downloaded isn't a proper imageAndrew Resch2010-07-15
* Attempt to create a move_storage destination path if it doesn't existAndrew Resch2010-07-15
* Do not attempt to move a torrents storage if the destination path doesAndrew Resch2010-07-12
* Try to import system rencode before deluge.rencode to allow the use of the ne...Andrew Resch2010-07-08
* Add logging the user when a torrent is added or removedAndrew Resch2010-07-05
* Fix ChangeLogJohn Garland2010-07-04
* Fix uncaught exception when closing deluge in classic modeJohn Garland2010-07-02
* Fix typoJohn Garland2010-07-02
* more improvements to the shift selectDamien Churchill2010-07-01
* fix select 'upwards'Damien Churchill2010-07-01
* update changelogDamien Churchill2010-07-01
* allow for shift selecting in tree gridsDamien Churchill2010-07-01
* Update ChangelogAndrew Resch2010-06-22
* Fix #1302 an uncaught exception in an state_changed event handler in SessionP...Andrew Resch2010-06-22
* Always look for -mt boost libraries firstAndrew Resch2010-06-18
* fix typoDamien Churchill2010-06-12
* change bits to bytes, thanks to charlesDamien Churchill2010-06-11
* Fix typo in label plugin - thanks kontiJohn Garland2010-06-11
* Handle os.remove failing on windowsJohn Garland2010-06-08
* Python independent version of previous commitJohn Garland2010-06-08
* Fix console ui not liking paths with backslashes on windows (#1293)John Garland2010-06-08
* Print a more informative error message if the torrent file doesn't existJohn Garland2010-06-08
* Fix execute plugin only executing last event (#1306)John Garland2010-06-08
* Only encode if necessaryJohn Garland2010-06-07
* Fix unicode support in console ui (#1307)John Garland2010-06-07
* Add some debug logging statementsDamien Churchill2010-06-04
* Fix an error in the keyDamien Churchill2010-06-04
* Fix saving the correct event nameDamien Churchill2010-06-04
* Save the execute config after adding/removing/saving commandsDamien Churchill2010-06-04
* Fix typo in execute pluginJohn Garland2010-05-20
* Fix `man deluged` not showing '-d' on its own lineJohn Garland2010-05-16