Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Add export-ignore attribute to .gitignoredeluge-1.2.3Andrew Resch2010-03-27
* Prep for releaseAndrew Resch2010-03-27
* Add .gitignore file to 1.2 branchJohn Garland2010-03-27
* Merge branch '1.2-stable' of into 1.2-stableAndrew Resch2010-03-22
| * Merged into test_common.pyJohn Garland2010-03-22
| * Add test case for deluge/common.pyJohn Garland2010-03-22
* | Fix libtorrent 0.15 compatAndrew Resch2010-03-22
* Fix VersionSplit comparison to do a proper compare and not simplyAndrew Resch2010-03-21
* Update attributesdeluge-1.2.2Andrew Resch2010-03-19
* Add export-ignore attributesAndrew Resch2010-03-19
* Update ChangeLogAndrew Resch2010-03-19
* Update Windows installerAndrew Resch2010-03-19
* Update translationsAndrew Resch2010-03-19
* Update Windows installer filesAndrew Resch2010-03-19
* Fix issue where the gtkui sometimes won't start if there is a stale lock file...Andrew Resch2010-03-13
* Update ChangeLogAndrew Resch2010-03-13
* Fix #1172 notify startup complete when adding torrents externallyAndrew Resch2010-03-13
* change the libtorrent submodule to point to 0.14-stableDamien Churchill2010-03-12
* update the libtorrent submodule to use the public git repository.Damien Churchill2010-03-07
* Update ChangelogAndrew Resch2010-02-28
* Fix #1162 problem with the queued torrents dialog from not properly adding to...Andrew Resch2010-02-28
* Update changelogAndrew Resch2010-02-28
* Fix #1109 auto add halting when a torrent with invalid filename encoding is i...Andrew Resch2010-02-28
* Fix silly error from last commitDamien Churchill2010-02-26
* include the ability to profile the web server, code lifted straight from the ...Damien Churchill2010-02-26
* Test commitAndrew Resch2010-02-22
* Test commitAndrew Resch2010-02-22
* Test commitAndrew Resch2010-02-22
* Test commitAndrew Resch2010-02-22
* Update version numbersAndrew Resch2010-02-22
* Update versionAndrew Resch2010-02-22
* Update ChangelogAndrew Resch2010-02-22
* Fix #1143 deluge-console crashes when tab-completing not-existentAndrew Resch2010-02-22
* change the way that the minimum LT version is specifiedDamien Churchill2010-02-22
* Multi-platform fix for #1147.John Garland2010-02-21
* Fix typodeluge-1.2.1Andrew Resch2010-02-20
* Prep for releaseAndrew Resch2010-02-20
* Update ChangelogAndrew Resch2010-02-20
* Merge branch '1.2-stable' of into 1.2-stableAndrew Resch2010-02-20
| * Fixed typo.John Garland2010-02-21
* | Update translationsandrew2010-02-20
* | Make Deluge dependent on libtorrent 0.14.9 or greater. This is due to an ove...andrew2010-02-20
* update the changelog to include #1148 fixedDamien Churchill2010-02-20
* backport the fix for #1148 from masterDamien Churchill2010-02-19
* update the ChangeLogDamien Churchill2010-02-19
* fix #1147 by appending -username to the delugeweb folderDamien Churchill2010-02-19
* update the copyright headers to include 2010Damien Churchill2010-02-19
* remove the old libtorrent stuff and add it as a git submoduleDamien Churchill2010-02-19
* Fix weird gtk bug that breaks create dialog box's pieces size selection.John Garland2010-02-04
* Increased GTK UI limit for download / upload to 60000.John Garland2010-01-25