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@@ -9,46 +9,14 @@ Instructions for building the Deluge NSIS Installer for Windows XP/Vista/7.
== Build Steps ==
- 1. Build Deluge on Windows.
+ 1. Build and Install Deluge on Windows.
- 2. Verify/update the Deluge version in the win32 packaging scripts.
- bbfreeze script - Edit 'build_version' variable in:
- win32/
- NSIS script - Edit 'PROGRAM_VERSION' variable in:
- win32/deluge-win32-installer.nsi
- 3. Modify bbfreeze program.
- We want to include all the gtk libraries in the installer so that users don't
- require a separate GTK+ installation so we need to slightly modify bbfreeze.
- The modification is to add a line to bbfreeze\, usually located here:
- C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\bbfreeze-*-py2.6-win32.egg\bbfreeze\
- Find the line containing 'def recipe_gtk_and_friends' and after it add:
- return True
- 4. Run the bbfreeze script from the win32 directory:
+ 2. Run the bbfreeze script from the win32 directory:
- The script places the bbfreeze'd version of Deluge in
- build-win32/deluge-bbfreeze-build_version
+ The result is a bbfreeze'd version of Deluge in `build-win32/deluge-bbfreeze-build_version`.
- Note: The assumption for this script is that Python 2.6 is installed
- in 'C:\Python26' otherwise the 'python_path' variable should be changed.
- 5. Run the NSIS script (right-click and choose `Compile with NSIS`)
+ 3. Run the NSIS script (right-click and choose `Compile with NSIS`)
The result is a standalone installer in the `build-win32` directory.
-The Uninstaller will remove everything from the installation directory. The file
-association for '.torrent' will also be removed but only if it's associated with Deluge