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+# Deluge Changelog
+## Deluge 2.0.0 - (In Development)
+- Improved Logging
+- Removed the AutoAdd feature on the core. It's now handled with the AutoAdd
+ plugin, which is also shipped with Deluge, and it does a better job and
+ now, it even supports multiple users perfectly.
+- Authentication/Permission exceptions are now sent to clients and recreated
+ there to allow acting upon them.
+- Enforced the use of the "deluge.plugins" namespace to reduce package
+ names clashing beetween regular packages and deluge plugins.
+- Fix potential for host_id collision when creating hostlist entries.
+- Add Option To Specify Outgoing Connection Interface.
+- Updated SSL/TLS Protocol parameters for better security.
+### Core
+- Make the distinction between adding to the session new unmanaged torrents
+ and torrents loaded from state. This will break backwards compatability.
+- Pass a copy of an event instead of passing the event arguments to the
+ event handlers. This will break backwards compatability.
+- Allow changing ownership of torrents.
+- File modifications on the auth file are now detected and when they happen,
+ the file is reloaded. Upon finding an old auth file with an old format, an
+ upgrade to the new format is made, file saved, and reloaded.
+- Authentication no longer requires a username/password. If one or both of
+ these is missing, an authentication error will be sent to the client
+ which sould then ask the username/password to the user.
+- Implemented sequential downloads.
+- Provide information about a torrent's pieces states
+### GtkUI
+- Allow changing ownership of torrents.
+- Host entries in the Connection Manager UI are now editable.
+- Implemented sequential downloads UI handling.
+- Add optional pieces bar instead of a regular progress bar in torrent status tab.
+- Make torrent opening compatible with all unicode paths.
+- Fix magnet association button on Windows.
+- Add keyboard shortcuts for changing queue position:
+ - Up: Ctrl+Alt+Up
+ - Down: Ctrl+Alt+Down
+ - Top: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up
+ - Bottom: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down
+### WebUI
+- Server (deluge-web) now daemonizes by default, use '-d' or '--do-not-daemonize' to disable.
+- Fixed the '--base' option to work for regular use, not just with reverse proxies.
+### Blocklist Plugin
+- Implemented whitelist support to both core and GTK UI.
+- Implemented ip filter cleaning before each update. Restarting the deluge
+ daemon is no longer needed.
+- If "check_after_days" is 0(zero), the timer is not started anymore. It
+ would keep updating one call after the other. If the value changed, the
+ timer is now stopped and restarted using the new value.