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[Packaging] Move user out of systemd files and add to tarball
With the `deluge` user specified in the unit files it ties it to that user and makes it unavailable for re-use by systemd user instance. Remove the user and group from the unit files and put them in a separate `user.conf` file that should be installed as an override file e.g. for deluged.service this would be placed as follows: /etc/systemd/service/deluge.service.d/user.conf Add the systemd files to the tarball for package maintainers. Closes: #2034
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## 2.0.2 (WiP)
+### Packaging
+- Add systemd deluged and deluge-web service files to package tarball (#2034)
### Core
- Fix Python 2 compatiblity issue with SimpleNamespace.